Join us for our upcoming performances of “Kipppunkt” in the frame of  the Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2023.
The Performances will take place on the 2nd of June at 6PM and on the 3rd of June at 4 PM in front of Statthaus Böcklerpark in Kreuzberg. The entry is free. For further infos click here

After two lovely performances of our inclusive dance project “Die Tanzwerkstatt- tänzerische Begegnungen” came to an end. We had an amazing time working together with the young adults and finding new ways of sharing and creating...

Join us for our upcoming inclusive dance Performance “Die Tanzwerkstatt - täzerische Begegnungen”.
The performances will take place at the Statthaus Böcklerpark on the 25th of November at 10:30 AM and on the 26th of November at 3 PM.  The entry will be for free.


We had a great time performing our piece “Kipppunkt” at this years “Karneval für die Zukunft”! 

We had a great time performing our piece "Lunar Rainbow" at Wilde Möhre Festival ! Thanks to all the people that joined the performances!

photo by Damaris Meyer

We want to thank all the visitors that came to see our performance evening  “Transformations” last weekend, we had a blast! 

photo by Jorge Monges

Description of the evening

The world is changing and always has been. But climate change shows that earth is on its way to transforming into an earth without humans. To survive, humanity must transform with it. Can we? How do we respond to the threat and how does it show up in our bodies?

We are under voltage. Tension. Toxic individualism alienates us from each other and from nature. But nature escapes our control, frees itself, strikes back. The collapsetofraction collective Berlin explores where we are "stuck" - in our bodies, how we treat them, how we treat each other and the world. Kipppunkt and Voltage, together forming Transformations, show neurotically controlled and dominated bodies using, exploiting, and grossly manipulating each other. They act like machines. They get worked up about a careless higher-faster-further striving. They break down. They meet their limitations. And panic. Chaos. And then? As difficult as the utopia of reflection, cautiousness, reduction and regardfulness may be to implement for humanity - may we not and must we not allow ourselves to at least dream of another way of being?

Stay tuned! collapsetofraction will be part of this years Performing Arts Festival Berlin from the 24th till 29th of May.
We will perform on the 27th / 8 PM and on the 28th from 6-8 PM and 10 PM.
Link to the Webiste of the Performing arts Festival Berlin here

Thanks to all the lovely people, that came to see us during the Klimacamp for our performance “Kipppunkt“ choreographed by our member Paula Pröbrock.

Foto by akkamiau 

Nach einer gelungenen Performance, wollen wir uns bei allen bedanken die dabei waren! Wir haben uns sehr gefreut!

In Zusammenarbeit mit Nate Pischner und Sophron entsteht zurzeit ein Tanzfilm zu unserem Duett "Frictionize". Nach einem wunderbaren Shooting-Tag ist der Film nun in der Postproduktion. Wir sind gespannt auf das Resultat!